Posted on Nov 15, 2017

Isn't That Write

What creative business solutions have you come up with for your employer or client? In the first half of the '90s I worked for an outfit that developed a Tip-A-Day product it sold as an add-on at its day-long Windows seminars. I provided many of the tips. A different one appeared each time a user booted into Windows. Simple as it was, in those days there remained many who had no idea how to install the product. I was having to field the installation queries, taking time away from my role as managing editor of the company's monthly Windows tips newsletter (and seminar speaker). I had suggested to management they license InstallShield to make the support problem go away. Falling on deaf ears, I came up with the idea of rolling my own installation procedure. Being proficient with WinBatch—a Windows scripting tool that can perform most any task—I created a full-on, automated setup routine for Tip-A-Day. Most of my code involved probing and error checking to make installation bulletproof. I succeeded! The following link is to my fully-commented code. It explains what each step does.