What creative business solutions have you come up with for your employer or client?

In the first half of the '90s I worked for an outfit that developed a Tip-A-Day product it sold as an add-on at its day-long Windows seminars.

I provided many of the tips. A different one appeared each time a u...

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Its security principles also applying to Mac users, the specific UI steps in the linked article I authored are for all Windows 7–10 users. #isntthatwrite

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As a freelance technical and business editor, I just completed updating and laying out the IFU (user manual) for the colorectal model of this robotic medical device. Earlier this year I had done the same for an ENT model.

I still have room in my schedule to add additional organizations to my gro...

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2 years ago
I've received some excellent advice from Chris via his many responses to queries in the Editorial Freelancers Association forum. So much so, I now have a special folder into which all "Chris responses" go! He always has practical and sound words of wisdom, which are greatly appreciated.
- Nina D
2 years ago
Fantastic feedback! Thank you for taking the time to outline everything for me. Because of your feedback, I've now got a solid list of next steps!
- Randall D

Freelance Editor/Writer/Proofreader

Known for raising the bar and always seeking to "Do the write thing"™, I'm Chris Morton, a freelance marcom editor ► author ► copywriter ► proofreader ► ghostwriter ► graphic artist working in the high tech B2B, B2C, and medical device realms with companies as diverse as Imperva Incapsula, Medrobotics, and Philips Lifeline (an arm of the Dutch conglomerate).

My clients span numerous disciplines, with audiences ranging from CxOs to end users—and everyone in between. For them I edit and create marketing collateral, in addition to being a technical writer for all types of B2B and B2C documents. I'd like to do the same for you.

Often clients have me mentor budding content authors as I wordsmith their drafts. The goal is for your B2B or B2C messaging to be representative of a ►trusted authority◄. 

While editing the work of many an aspiring content writer, I coach them as to how to hone their craft (yes, writing is a craft). Along with considering an author's argument, logic, organization, and clarity/accuracy of expression, obviously good grammer 'n' speling count! (sic) I also diligently work to stamp out, eradicate, destroy, and and otherwise abolish redundant redundancy. ;<)  

I strive to be a good steward of the English language while keeping an eye on changing trends, a la linguist Steven Pinker. My style follows that of William Zinsser and Sgt. Joe Friday.


• Chosen by Microsoft from a pool of 8,000 to be a technical editor—over 100 of my edits were published in three of its user manuals

• Former tips editor for Ziff-Davis' "Windows Sources" newsstand magazine

• Letters of commendation—Ziff-Davis Media, Weyerhaeuser, Aldus, others

• Advertising awards—Lead & Inquiry Solicitation, Color Ad Campaign

• Meticulous, highly creative, clever, quick learner, and problem solver with impressively strong writing, editing, and speaking skills (◄ others say these things about me)  

So how may I provide writing, editing, design, or coaching assistance to you and/or your team?

"Perhaps there is a place to write and speak like Jackson Pollock and Salvador Dali painted, but it's certainly not in the world of B2B and B2C communications." ► Chris Morton 

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